Isolation EP

by Kill The Shark

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released January 21, 2014

Recorded at D-Wreckords Studio in Portland, OR.
Cover photo provided by Dave Van Housen.

Stephen - Vocals
Kyle - Vocals
Daryl - Guitar
Nathan - Guitar
Dan - Bass
Matt - Drums



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Kill The Shark Vancouver, Washington

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Track Name: Burn the House Down With Your Sins
Holy terrors give forth no reason
Fear of God, love unknown
Don’t ask questions, just believe them
Judging you upon his throne
Nailed to a cross, scare the children
Silent sheep, perfect clones
Hatred surged from the pulpit
Men cannot live on faith alone

We lost our Gods
Killed our masters
We lost our Gods
Killed the bastards
Track Name: Technology 2.0
In the essence of our business, please don’t ask us for forgiveness
Contracts been made, signatures written, we’re no longer of the living
Feed the head of the heads
Seven heads let it devour
Every last single dollar
Life in debt for useless shit
Empower the beast, feed the rich
Tear away every border
One World Bank, New World Order
It’s too late to change the past
Computer chips control the cash
Knowledge is only for the elite
The rest of us kiss their feet
And see where I rest my head
To reshape those long dead
So much money for some hair
Savage eyes lay in savage minds
Head of heads I let him feed
I hang my head willingly
Staring at my sleeping feet
From coast to coast to meet my needs
A steel track of misery
Head of heads I let him feed
Past violence it repeats
Track Name: Fireball
Not afraid of looking deeper
Searching for the higher scheme
Close your eyes follow the leader
Living the American Dream
Finding out the real reasons
What you’ve done has ruined me
Everything you did, I cannot forgive
What you have created, has ruined me
Take me by surprise, masked in disguise
Left me here to die, barely alive
Everything you did, I cannot forgive
What you have created, has ruined me
I would rather die fighting
Than living for your lies

You put the nail into the coffin
I can’t see the light in your eyes
Shovel the dirt and approach the alter
Curtains drawn, buried alive
Everything you did, I cannot forgive
Track Name: Long Time Listener, First Time Caller
Years of confusion were all an illusion
Friends aren’t friends if you can’t reuse them
But I’ll be here for the black and the white
As long as you’re here for the days and the nights

Tip our glasses and say our cheers
Wisdom gained from our drunken peers
Lusty lovers, tales of mothers
A life I cannot seem to find

A sewn mouth can still tell secrets
A black heart can still love perfect
A dead man can be one with the living
But everything falls apart so easy

No I don’t dream of white picket fences
A huge house, I bet that’s expensive
I dream of meaning, or some reason
To just keep breathing
Sorry if I have been distant
I love you all and don’t forget it
Track Name: DNA
I can’t turn back time
When you’ve hit the end of the line
Empty your pockets
Nothing’s left but regrets

I can’t stop this addiction
You’ve lost fucking everything

I look at all we’ve done
Sure it was fun
You’re not the only one
Who couldn’t get enough
Everyday is just the same
Try to relieve the pain
Searching for relief
But it’s endless suffering

You can barely show your face
Why are you so ashamed of falling down
When we need help
You can say sorry a hundred times
But it won’t stop the lies
Just get it figured out
You’re killing yourself
Track Name: Hold the Bacon
Day by day punching the clock
Killing your dreams, smashing your thoughts
Act out of line, we’re calling the cops
Good soldiers must always fit in
On the freeway inch by inch
Metal coffins of working stiffs
The house, wife, car, and the kids
Always knowing you’ll never get rich
Is there more to life than this?
Or is this all it is?

Is this all there is?

Left for begging, unforgiving
Hopeless lives of millions living
On the streets, bring your children
But do not associate with them
Taught to feed the weak and the needy
Class warfare signed with a treaty
Climb the ladder to reach the top
Beneath your feet the floor is dropped
Mind control for the masses
Televised for the working classes

Legislation to kill the poor
Send the boys off to war
Tie the ribbon and spread the ashes
Fold the flag, carry a casket
Sign on the dotted line
Mind control of modern time